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Portable IWB - Ocean Bay


Ocean-Bay is a low-cost solution that simply turns a traditional whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard using Infrared and ultrasound technologies. This plug-and-play system enables users to easily connect the Infinity sensor with a computer and a projector in order to digitize and interact with whiteboard contents.

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Portable IWB - Ocean Bay Videos

Main Features

  • Panel Size: 327mm*43mm*11mm
  • Weight:200g
  • Working Way: Wired
  • Power supply: obtained from computer through USB cable
  • Input: Electronic pen
  • Response speed: 3meters/second
  • Data interface: USB1.1
  • Support Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, LINUX
  • Operation Temperature: minus 4 degree to 40 degree, Operation Humidity: 10~80%



  • Advanced   ultrasonic   wired /wireless positioning technology. 
  • Humanized design sign
  • electronic  pen:   support  left   and   right   mouse  key  function,   move  and hang  to   stop   function,   fully   simulate   function   of   mouse
  • Any board with   stable   temperature and   smooth surface   can be used   as   electronic whiteboard. 
  • Plug   in   and play   USB  port 
  • Support  LCD   TV

Portable IWB - Ocean Bay Applications

Portable IWB Applications
  • Correct: 9 points positioning adjust, high accuracy position, advanced calibration algorithm
  • File: New Set, Open, Edit, Save
  • Pen: Normal pen, row pen, magic pen, laser pen, writing pen, highlighter, pattern recognition pen, Chinese handwriting recognition pen, custom setting color and width of the pen
  • Eraser: delete, selective delete, clean page
  • Basic graphics: Circle, rectangle, isosceles triangle, Right triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, dynamically adjust the border thickness, color and fill color
  • Geometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent, natural logarithm, quadratic, power of 2
  • Comments: write comments in any application directly, such as graphic mark, video annotation, save commends of PowerPoint, word, Excel as original format
  • Text: support any font, size, color, simple formula
  • Additional features: Curtain, spotlight, screen recording, screen soft keyboard, screen shots, support sending files to e-mail, support the clock ,ruler, triangle, compasses, protractors and other drawing tools
  • Multimedia: support avi, wmv, mpg, mov , swf and other video or Flash format, featured with embedded play and independent play
  • Hyperlinks: Add word, ppt, excel, internet hyperlinks in the document
  • Photo: Support BMP, RLE, DIB, GIF, JPG, JPEG and other image formats ,can zoom, move ,rotate, lock and unlock these images
  • Edit object: Edit handwriting, graphics, functions, etc on the page, arbitrary zoom, move, rotate, lock, unlock, and change the color, etc
  • Save format: support EWB, BMP, PDF, PPT, HTML
  • Edit replay: replay the text of whiteboard
  • Withdrawal and recovery: revoke or restore the previous action
  • Index: view, edit, copy, paste, delete, and sort
  • Printing: print text, include printing setting, printing preview
  • Language: supply Chinese simple font, or English, custom other languages