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With the ENJOY LAN classroom control system, teachers and trainers can improve the efficiency of their classroom by centrally managing and monitoring the instruction. The ENJOY LAN supports multimedia broadcast of resources within the network and remote monitoring and control of students’ computers.

The ENJOY LAN system helps keep students on task by tracking application and web usage and improves support with online help and chat functions. The ENJOY LAN saves teachers’ time and improves instruction by quickly assessing student understanding through online polling. Results can be displayed and shared instantly.

Teachers and trainers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on each student workstation to review later or to replay to the class. With educational budgets under increasing pressure, the ENJOY LAN system helps schools, colleges and corporate training departments stretch IT budgets and maximize the return on their existing IT infrastructure.

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e-learning Videos

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  • Mass Broadcast or Selective Broadcast
  • Remote Control of Student’s PC
  • Monitor Students' Screen
  • Auto Broadcast
  • Dialogue (between two or more parties)
  • Broadcast VCD/MPEG/MP3/MOV or other video program files
  • Blank Screen
  • File Transfer
  • Group Chat
  • Get Information (Remote information Retriever)
  • E-Pointer
  • E-Whiteboard
  • E-Messaging
  • Taking Over
  • Electronic Hand
  • Lock Down (Lock Students’ Keyboard and Mouse)
  • Restart/shutdown client Station
  • Interactive classroom layout etc

e-learning Applications

  • Schools,
  • Colleges,
  • Universities
  • Tution Academies and
  • Day care centers