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Digital hidden image technology is a closed digital technology which is unique in China. It utilizes the existing printing technology and facilities, combines advanced technique of computer calculation, encrypted image coding, image gene transformation, data changes by film output, and takes advantage of digital moulding, 3D and visual optics etc. Concealed data of images generated by digital logic change is the supreme at present (Chinese Yuan of the fifth version also applies the primary elements of this technology as the last line of defense against counterfeit money). Digital hidden image technology can be carried out by any standard printing method or moulding. No additional tools, facilities or procedures are needed.

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1. Only specialized detector can be used to identify the concealed images.

Advantages: concealed information cannot be copied by being magnified or scanned.

2. Any standard printing approaches can be used during the printing procedures for production output.

Advantage:  Counterfeiters can only copy the visible contents and cannot copy the concealed information.

3. Digital hidden image technology can be carried out by moulding method like injection molding. No additional tools, facilities or procedures are needed. Any materials can be available.

Advantages: Forged labels cannot show the concealed labels.

4. Both fully concealed effect and semi concealed effect can be applied for anti-counterfeiting.

Advantages: Comprehensive protection for the brands and consumers’ interests.

5. Hierarchical management is used for the digital hidden image technology. Consumers, managers and enterprise executives can use corresponding detecting lens to identify the concealed information in different positions of the commodity.

Advantages: hierarchical management can help to find out how and where the counterfeiters get the anti-counterfeiting information.

In summary, excellent anti-counterfeiting technology can help increase consumers’ trust to the commodities, protect enterprises’ brand reputation, and finally guard companies’ profits and consumers’ rights.

Digital Hidden Image Applications

  • Manufacturing
  • Education Institutes
  • FMCG
  • Pharma