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Game Shows

Game show-style training games are one of the very few activities that bring generations and cultures together for a fun learning activity built on their common experiences. That's because virtually all working-age generations grew up watching TV game shows. And such shows are common in cultures worldwide.  It's this diversity and broad appeal that makes Game Show Presenter a popular tool for education, workplace training, leadership and team building.

  • Motivation is much higher when a "have to" activity becomes a "get to" experience.
  • Brain science has shown that emotion helps form lasting memories. When you review information in a game format, the emotions stirred by participation, challenge, winning and losing can make the memories stronger. (Even for spectators!) 
  • Quiz games let people exercise newly acquired information and reinforce existing knowledge. Experts call this activity "practice retrieval." Your audience or students will call it fun!  Using a review game takes the drudgery out of drilling, so people leave your class or meeting energized and prepared to apply what they've learned in exams, on the job or in daily life.

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  1. Bottom diameter:150mm;Height: 95mm;Color: white
  2. Middle diameter: 120mm; Height: 27mm;Color: red, blue, yellow, green, black
  3. Top diameter: 80mm;Height: 40mm;Color: white
  4. Total Dimension: 162mm (H) * 150mm(D)
  5. Weight (without batteries): 0.3kg
  6. Power supply: 2 * size D batteries
  7. Receive range: 60 m
  8. Response: <1 s for 100 buzzers
  9. Pressed time precision: 1 ms
  10. Operation: Controlled by master controller


Master controller-B205M

  1. 7 Buttons: 4 big buttons: start(OK), Stop, Continue(>), Answer; 3 small buttons: Music On/Off(<), Power, Mode ;a LCD which can display the Max Id, the winner Id, and the winner answer
  3. 2.4 GHz Digital RF technology
  4. Power Required: two 1.5 volt batteries
  5. Transmission Distance:> 100 meters
  6. Transmission angel:> 360 degrees
  7. Control game procession
  8. Dimension:  49cm X 104cm X 15cm
  9. Support 1-50 buzzer






Buzzer 205 Applications

  • TV Shows
  • Game Shows
  • Schools
  • Universities     ;   


And other entertainment activities