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Game Shows

Do you need to focus people's attention for presentations, classes and training?

Add fun to any topic to make it much easier for people to pay attention. But how? That's the power of   Game Show Presenter software. It takes your questions about your subject and presents them as  a popular form of entertainment – the TV-style quiz show.

Your lecture or review is easily transformed into a game that challenges and motivates your students, trainees or audience. People love it! Each question in your quiz game provides fun learning reinforcement by exercising recall and rewarding attention.

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Buzzer 215 Videos

2.4GHz digital RF technology
Color: black, opaque
Port: USB port
Weight: 0.4kg
Dimension: 137*137*50mmr
Power Supply: Computer USB port
Operating Power: <1mw
Receiving angle: 360 degree
Receiving distance: 100 meters radial
Support 100 buzzers and 400 217 audience handsets

Master controller-B215M
LED status
2.4GHz digital RF technology
Laser indicator build-in
Power required: two 1.5 volt batteries
Transmission distance: > 100 meters
Transmission angle: 360 degree
Maintain full control over every presentation
Present slides, going backwards, forwards, showing charts etc.
Control games procession.
Over 1 year battery life for normal use.
It will enter Power Saving Mode within 5 seconds when is left idle
It's clipper-built, small and exquisite, very suitable for handhold
Dimension:49cm *104cm *15cm

Bottom diameter:150mm;Height: 95mm;Color: white
Middle diameter: 120mm;Height: 27mm;Color: red,blue,yellow,green,black
Top diameter:80mm;Height: 40mm;Color: white
Total Dimension: 162mm (H) * 150mm(D)
Weight (without batteries): 0.3kg
Power supply: 2 * size D batteries
Battery life: 300 hours (power on time)
Receive range: 60 m
Response: <1 s for 100 buzzers
Pressed time precision: 1 ms
Operation: Controlled by software

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Game Shows



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