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A range of quality IT services to companies both large and small is available under one roof. We bring in wealth of technical, practical and commercial experience to today’s small and medium businesses. Whatever your circumstances, we can provide you with cost effective, efficient and relevant IT systems allowing you to concentrate on developing your business safe in the knowledge that your IT systems are being expertly managed for you.

Offer for IT infrastructure, security assessment, systems integration and IT consulting, as well as the procurement of hardware and software for your business is here; buildup of raise floors and other infrastructure services is also included. Whatever the need is, feel free as the service of customizing a solution that will fit your requirement is just a call away.

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Developments like unified communications and collaboration, data center virtualization, mobility, and cloud computing are changing the way companies interact with their employees, partners, and customers. A greater number of people, with increasingly varied devices, are now requesting access to your enterprise network. New devices bring greater complexity in traffic patterns, more security threats, and different user requirements, as well as a marked increase in the amount of data flowing over the network.

All of these calls for a renewed focus on the network, and for many organisations, updating their network infrastructure is now the most important priority.



In today’s 24/7 on demand world, mission-critical business systems must be available 100% of the time. Downtime cannot be tolerated, which is where a UPS system can assist.   At Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd. we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading power protection solutions combined with service excellence to ensure our UPS power supplies are ‘Always On’.

Request a site survey from our highly-skilled engineers to receive tailored recommendations for UPS power supplies and a quotation
Submit an enquiry to our team of experts who are available to discuss your requirements.

UPS Maintenance

Simply providing an uninterruptible power system (UPS) does not necessarily ensure an institutional or commercial facility’s equipment is protected from power-supply fluctuations and distortions. Maintenance and engineering managers must factor in regular testing and maintenance of a facility’s UPS to ensure it remains in peak operating condition, protects critical systems, and keeps them reliably operating as designed.

By fully understanding the role of a UPS, required maintenance procedures, and the diagnostic tools to keep a UPS running, managers will be better able to develop a preventive maintenance (PM) strategy that meets an organization’s needs and we are expert of it.


IT Solutions & Networking Applications

We are here to serve every industry in busines in Pakistan. No matter it is education, pharma, FMCG, large manufacturers, small shopkeeepers, traders whoever you are. We are here with a reasonable and effetcive solution for you.