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Lazertouch mini projector is unique mini projector with android system which can work as a Pad/tablet in Laser touch, WIFI, bluetooth, 32G Storage, speakers,13600mAh battery
Besides, it is a mini interactive projector which project up to 150-inch-diagonal screen on the wall, use the e-pen, then you can make the screen interactive.
Apart from above, this is 5 touch (both finger or pen) with more lumens and battery backup also avaiable.

Lazertouch mini projector differ from traditional projectors in its black technology--Laser touch technology, that is ,the projection screen is touch screen. for example, when on group meeting, it projects an about 15-inch screen on the desk which you can operate by finger. You can use it as the tablet pc, but Lazertouch mini projector, as the representative of SmartHome, pays more attention to the health of users and reduce harmless to the lowest. Unlike screen of traditional tablet PC ,it is not LCDscreen, but a reflected light on surface which user can do operation is diffuse and indirect illumination and close to natural light,  there is almost no damage to eyesight .So it is a best choice for the children who love use tablet to play games, practice musical instrument and do homework.


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Moreover, Lazertouch mini projector projects big screen up to 80-inch on the wall which users can write and make notes on with the IR pen has all features what traditional interactive whiteboard has. this feature stand out even more when you use it to do PPT&PDF presentation.

If you have children who love tablet pc, it is better to choose the lazertouch mini projector.

If you are business man or teacher, don't miss such useful product.

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