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Buzzer V4 - AIO

Game Shows

Buzzer V4 All-In-One is an incresidble introduction into Game Show world, which is euipped with Buzzer, Score Board and 3 different sounds in one Box. This is plug and play and no need to conenct a number of equipments. Make Life easy and start your show.

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Buzzer V4 - AIO Videos

  • scoreboard build-in
  • three buzz sounds
  • three status lights:Green(start light), White(buzz light),Red(stop light)
  • color: black and white
  • ABCD buttons for normal quiz
  • One buzzer, one unique ID, Lock out function
  • ID programmable
  • two 1.5 V R20P/LR20 batteries

Buzzer V4 - AIO Applications

  • TV Shows
  • Game Shows
  • Schools
  • Universities     ;   


And other entertainment activities